Full Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about WEST!



Cape Town, South Africa

Tino Garcia, CEO of Pescatech, goes into the benefits

of relying on WEST super-capacitors as Pescatech’s source of

energy and how this has contributed to their business’ success.

“Now with this Eskom lack of power supply, load shedding,

it was time for us to make a decision on where we would go

in terms of energy storage solutions – and your products

came up trumps.”



Caledon, South Africa


Henry tells us about the benefits of relying on

WEST super-capacitors as their off-grid farm’s

only source of energy for home use, farming equipment,

as well as a full functioning workshop to build their house.


“So here you have this modern technology,

state of the art, that you’re going into more and more

and you have a guy who’s going backwards into natural farming

and these two mesh absolutely 100 percent.”

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